Sourdough Pie Crust

sourdough pie crust

Pie season is here. Well, pie season is always here for us. Pie is one of those nostalgic desserts that bring on the feelings of old fashioned, country living. Can’t you just picture a warm pie cooling in the windowsill of an old farmhouse with a sunflower patch in the background? Or maybe a bed …

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5 Natural Baby Essentials to Simplify your Life

5 natural baby essentials

Babies honestly do not need much; diapers, clothes and somewhere to sleep. Read on for 5 natural baby essentials to simplify your life. Baby Essentials I was in for a surprise when I had our first baby. I was told that our house would be taken over by baby gear and that babies are so …

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How to Sew a DIY Kitchen Towel with Loop

DIY Kitchen Towel

Simple, beautiful and functional. This kitchen towel is perfect for your kitchen or for a gift. Check out this easy, beginner project. This is a great project for a beginner but introduces more skill than just a straight hem. Double sided, a top stitch and added strap for a loop gives this DIY kitchen towel …

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Summer Garden Tour and Mistakes

summer garden raised bed

Summertime means garden time. However, I am no professional gardener. Join me for a Summer garden tour while I discuss what I have learned this year. Gardening is fairly new to me. We always had gardens when I was growing up. I remember long rows of vegetables and tall stalks of corn. While I walked …

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How to Make Homemade Yogurt

homemade yogurt

Homemade yogurt is not only a healthy and delicious snack but it is also versatile. Learn how to make yogurt at home for cheap! I love the sour taste of fermented dairy like kefir or yogurt. My favorite way to have these is in a smoothie. We generally have smoothies for breakfast and smoothies are …

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Florals and a DIY Summer Planter

Florals and a cut garden have so many purposes around the farm. Besides adding curb appeal and landscaping, they can be cut to use in the home for natural decor. Today I am sharing floral tips as well as a fun, DIY summer planter! We have just recently moved to a new property and we …

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Country White Sandwich Bread

Bread on wooden cutting board with blue and white plaid gingham tea towel

Fluffy, soft, and so easy to make- perfect for sandwiches, with jam or even french toast! This country white sandwich bread is a staple. Other than sourdough, I regularly keep a loaf of this bread made up. Bread is probably one of my favorite things to bake. There are so many variations and ways to …

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Building Our Farmhouse: First Steps

We are what?? We are building a house!! I could not be more excited…and scared. Follow us along in the process to see how we contract our own farmhouse and do some work along the way. Deciding to build our farmhouse Phew. This is a big decision to make. We have always said we wanted …

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