Why And How To Buy Local Beef In Bulk

local beef in basket

We recently purchased a full cow from a local farm and butcher that we split with our families. This is our favorite way to purchase beef and today I am here to share everything we have learned on how to buy local beef, how it works, and what you get! After learning to cook from …

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How To Clean Cast Iron After Cooking and Maintain It

Today I am sharing the third part to my cast iron series- How to clean cast iron after cooking and maintain it. Cast iron was such an intimidating thing to me when I first started and a lot of how I use it is based on trial and error. Here are my tips and what …

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How To Cook With Cast Iron Without Sticking

how to cook with cast iron girl holding cooked eggs in cast iron skillet

A few simple steps make cooking with cast iron simple. Today I am sharing my top tips and step by step instructions on how to cook with cast iron without sticking.  Last week I shared how to strip cast iron and re-season it to prepare your cast iron for use. While in my opinion this …

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