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Homemade and natural cleaning is healthier for your family, easy and cost effective. Try this all purpose homemade cleaner and you are sure to be impressed. With only 2 ingredients, this all purpose cleaner is effective but so simple to make up whenever you need it.

all purpose homemade cleaner in a glass spray bottle wrapped in red striped dish towel with white background

I have tried every all purpose spray under the sun. Natural and non-toxic, Lysol, Clorox (I cringe), vinegar sprays, all purpose homemade cleaners, you name it. Natural cleaners that are actually non-toxic from the store either smell terrible or just do not work. And do not get me started on the others.

I tried to make a simple vinegar spray work, I really did. It keeps all of my cleaning so simple. I can use it on any surface in my home and I do not have to switch between multiple products depending on the surface. But in the end, it just did not work out.

Now, vinegar has its place in my home. I do love it for anything stainless steel or glass. It keeps smudges down and can be used on countertops and surfaces. But the smell was just too much. It eventually evaporates but I can still smell it. So I use it sparingly and instead use this all purpose homemade cleaner.

This still simplifies my cleaning. It is very similar to my DIY Dish Soap and in the kitchen I will sometimes just use the dish soap in its place. I still only have to keep a few ingredients in my home and I have a full arsenal for homemade cleaners.

This truly is a very simple way to keep a home. I have a baby, blog posts to write and a house to design. I do not have time to run to the store 3 times a week because I run out of a cleaner or to spend multiple hours a day cleaning with numerous products. Simple, effective and natural.

How do you make a homemade all purpose cleaner?

Making your own homemade cleaners is really easy. It’s a matter of pouring a few ingredients into a bottle, adding your scents (or leaving out) and screwing on a lid.

all purpose homemade cleaner

They are easy to customize and change up if you need something a little tougher or want to change up your scents for the season.

Are homemade cleaners effective?

Homemade cleaners are effective, yes. This easily cleans up anything I spill in the kitchen or bathroom. I even use this to clean out my fridge (which is not as often as it should be, haha) and it cleans up quickly. I cook from scratch, have a baby and live out in the country. Messes are big here and we need something effective.

Is it cheaper to make your own cleaning supplies?

It is much cheaper for my family to make my own cleaning supplies than to buy. Natural cleaners are expensive and usually not as effective as I would like. I can buy a big bottle of Castile soap and use the oils I already buy for other purposes. I have not done a cost comparison by breaking down how much a bottle costs. This would be difficult since I use essential oils in mine but I can get several bottles out of 1 bottle of Castile soap that costs me about $10.00. I can say that my monthly cost of household products has decreased so I do know it is cheaper for our family.

Not only is it cheaper but it is easier! If I run out, I keep the ingredients in my home in bulk so I can just refill without having to run to the store. If you do not use essential oils, you can still have great scents if you buy Dr. Bronner’s scented Castile soap. It is scented with essential oils and is a great option as well. This would be great for those just trying homemade products out or those that do not use essential oils for anything else like I do. This would also be an easier way to determine cost per bottle.

How long do DIY cleaners last?

I have never had an issue with my homemade cleaners going bad or not working as effectively. They are used daily so they do go quickly. I usually make about a month’s worth at a time in my glass spray bottle and have never had an issue. But these could last for several months.

Scent Ideas for all purpose cleaner

  • Peppermint (my favorite)
  • Lemon
  • Citrus blend with orange, grapefruit and lemon
  • Lemon and Lavender
  • Lavender
  • Cinnamon
  • Floral such as geranium
  • Tea tree

My favorite way to change up my scents is based on the season. Lavender or citrus in the summer, floral scents in the spring, and cinnamon in the fall. I love peppermint for fall.

I also will add oils for certain purposes. For example, I will add peppermint in the summer to help with pesky ants in my kitchen or lemon to provide extra cleaning power.


all purpose homemade cleaner in spray bottle held with red striped dish towel in background

Invest in a set of glass bottles. I like to keep a handful of glass spray bottles and mason jars around so I can just refill when needed. Glass is important when using essential oils. Essential oils can break down the plastic and pull out any toxins which defeats the purpose of making a non-toxic cleaner.

Give any homemade cleaner a shake before use. This helps the oils mix back in and keeps everything mixed well.

All Purpose Homemade Cleaner Ingredients and Materials


  • Glass spray bottle
  • Funnel


  • Water
  • Unscented Castile soap (or scented if not using essential oils)
  • Essential Oil(s) of your choosing- this is optional

How to make this homemade all purpose cleaning spray

Clean out your spray bottle really well and then place a funnel on top.

Add 1 cup of water to your spray bottle first. Add first to keep a mess from happening.

Add 1/3 cup of Castile soap then add 20-30 drops of essential oils.

Screw your lid back on and give a little shake.

Using and storing your homemade all purpose cleaning spray

Before each use, I suggest giving the bottle a little shake. Spray liberally on any surface. For any bigger dried messes, I like to spray on and let it sit for a minute or two before wiping up. I like to use dish towels or crocheted dish rags to clean up but for those harder messes I will grab a sponge or brush.

To store, keep the bottle out of direct sunlight especially if your bottle is clear glass.

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