Thrift/Antique Shopping Haul #3- Antique Knobs and Light Fixtures For The Farmhouse


I have been in the antique shopping zone for the last few weeks and today I wanted to take you to come antique with me and show you my latest antique finds for the farmhouse in an antique shopping haul.

I go through spurts with antique shopping and a lot of it has to do with when my mom is off work, because we usually do our shopping together but also where we are at with our house. We took a short little break from working on the house for a bit, but now we are back in action and ready to just get her built.

Since we are building a “new old farmhouse”, a lot of the fixtures and materials we are utilizing in the house will be antique or at least antique inspired. With that said, we are close-ish to needing certain elements and I am wanting to either have them on hand now, or at least have an idea of what I want and where to get it. Windows and doors are a major part of this. I would love to have all antique doors that have been pulled out of local historic buildings and while I am searching for this, I have to know sizes that we need. Windows are similar, except that we are searching for new windows that have a little bit of charm to appear like they were original to an old farmhouse. Because of this, I am doing a lot of antique shopping and searching Facebook marketplace.

Finding antiques for your home takes a lot of time and consistent searching. Despite not needing certain things right at this very moment, I also know that the time will be here soon when I do need things like lights and hardware and so I am searching for these as well. I mean, in a 9-12 month time frame, I have only found two antique lights so I really need to get a move on. Most of what I am purchasing right now, are things that will be added to the house as we build and fewer things like furniture and decor.

Despite the limited space for storage, I am managing to find my fair share of antiques for the house and today I want to share a few of my latest finds.

Antique Shopping Haul Video

Antique Mirror and Brush Set-$8

Now after all that, the first thing I start with is decor. I know, I know. But I have been collecting these sets for a while and I have a few at this point for a very specific purpose. Once we start on Ila’s room, I dream of a gallery wall of these antique mirrors and brushes, possibly paired with her little sun hats. I have collected a few and cannot wait to start on her room.

Ironstone Pitchers- Various Prices

Again, more for décor but this year we have expanded our garden to include cut flowers. I had a total of 0 vessels to make pretty arrangements in, so I picked a few up over the course of a few trips. I have been making arrangements like crazy and love the look of the ironstone or ceramic pitchers paired with the zinnias, cosmos, and marigolds. We also just got our first sunflower so I am excited to add that to the arrangements!

Small Ironstone- $6
Both Medium- $10
Large- $24 with a bowl. It was a washstand set.

Glass Doorknobs- Various Prices

Alright, now we are getting to the good stuff. These glass doorknobs were not something I was even thinking about. I have been looking for sinks, doors, and larger items but I found these at my very favorite antique shop semi local to us and after looking at the price of new reproduction glass knobs, couldn’t pass them up. I am hoping to find more or possibly even some pretty metal or ceramic knobs.

With Hardware- $20 each
Bar Only- $8
Knobs Only- $4

Hurricane Lamp-$69

I love finding antique lights. I only have two now including this one but I am always looking. Sometimes they are overpriced and I have passed many up, including the neatest gold light that was on a pulley system in Ireland…sigh. Anyway, I found this for $69 and at that price, I couldn’t pass it up. It needs some electrical work which won’t be difficult and will be done when we install but I plan to use this in our entryway or possibly our mudroom as the main overhead light. I love the metal detail and the milk glass.

Farmhouse Sink-$50

This is still being worked on and I am currently on hold while I wait for some lead tests to come in, but look at this beauty. I still need to clean the underside to read the imprint with the date and details on it but I am hoping I can use this high back, apron front, drainboard sink in our kitchen. I have been searching high and low for one but they’re either $500 in terrible condition or $2,000+ restored and that is just not in the budget right now. Now I’m trying not to get my hopes up about this sink because I keep seeing that you should not try to reglaze a sink and this sink does have some damage to it, but for $50 it could at least be a beautiful garden sink for outdoor use. I figure it’s worth a shot and if it works out, I just found my dream farmhouse kitchen sink for $50 and whatever it takes to get her shiny!

Of course we had to make a day of it so the girls went out to breakfast beforehand. This baby loves to socialize with everyone when we go out and about! I love sharing my latest finds in an antique shopping haul like this. Do you love to antique? What treasures do you look for?

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