Brown Sugar Latte Recipe


This brown sugar latte recipe has been a staple here lately. Sweet, cozy and served up in a pretty cup makes the perfect afternoon treat!

fall flowers, a cozy candle and brown sugar latte recipe

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I am a hot coffee kind of gal. On occasion I will enjoy an iced coffee but it is rare and I always finish off the coffee saying “that would have been better hot”. I don’t know what it is but I am just not into cold coffee.

I live in Arkansas and the weather is incredibly unstable. It likes surprises and to throw a freezing day at you on a Monday then by Tuesday you are back in shorts. But I am not big on change. Maybe this is why I only like hot coffee? I need routine!

Well, this brown sugar latte recipe has been a go to for me since really it is perfect for any weather. It can be made hot or cold, with espresso or regular coffee, and the flavor isn’t too fall flavored or summer flavored. And it is delicious! Brown sugar is one of my favorite flavors. And smells. Mmmmm.

I know brown sugar is not the healthiest option. A healthier option would be maple syrup or honey. And I do use those on occasion. Actually, my mom prefers maple syrup. But, I try to buy the highest quality brown sugar or make it myself. You can make it y mixing molasses with regular sugar. I like to do this because then I can make it how I like which is really dark. There is just something about real brown sugar that cures any struggles from the day.

This past Monday I spent the day indoors for the most part. It was cold, dark and rainy. I had a lot of catching up around the house to do. The normal laundry, tidying up, a little deep cleaning and some blog work. I started the day with a hot cup of black coffee. I really enjoy that in the morning to kick my booty into gear. But come afternoon nap time for the baby, this mama likes a decadent latte as a treat. This brown sugar latte is my go to.

The first thing I like to do is make my espresso. Pull a shot? Make a shot? Whatever the term is. I usually stick to one shot but sometimes do a double shot. And I am no espresso expert. I just make it the best I know how to but it’s still fairly new. Surprisingly, there is so much on the internet about how to do this wrong and right. Who knew? You don’t have to have an espresso machine to enjoy this. You can also make it with a cup of regular coffee.

I like to mix 1-2 tablespoons of brown sugar into the fresh hot coffee or shot. Now if you do an extra tablespoon of brown sugar, it settles at the bottom like a syrup. I know that’s a lot of sugar, but it is a treat ya know? You can stick to just one or two if you’re not down for that much.

mixing in brown sugar for brown sugar latte

I also like to add a tiny pinch of salt and a splash of vanilla.

Then I get my milk ready. I do about half a cup of milk and steam it with the wand on my machine until it is hot and has a little bit of foam on top. I don’t like too much foam so just a little for me!

steaming milk for brown sugar latte recipe

If you don’t have a steamer, you can combine all on a pot on the stove and whisk it. You can also use an immersion blender with the whisk attachment and it adds a lot of foam!

You could get fancy and add whip, cinnamon or even maple syrup drizzled across the top. I usually don’t but you could.

Now to make this iced which is how my mom drinks hers, you make everything the same except you do not steam or warm the milk.

I add ice to a large mason jar and pour in the milk. Then once the coffee and add ins are combined, I pour over the top of the iced milk and give it a little stir.

Ahh, this coffee is probably my favorite besides just a hot cup of black coffee. I might just go have one today. Good coffee drinks do not have to cost $6.00+ at the coffee shop. And by making at home, I can cater to my own tastes and use the quality of ingredients that I want.

Now make it a little fun by drinking out of a pretty glass or cup. It makes it so much better, I promise! My favorite right now is one I accidently stole from a friend at church. We made candles at a womens meeting and she brought a ton of collected vessels for us to use. I borrowed a few of the extras for a luncheon we had the next day and ended up taking them home on accident.

brown sugar latte recipe in a pretty glass cup

But then I made this brown sugar latte recipe and decided I needed to get one more use out of it before I took it back. It was for the blog. I promise, I will get it back…

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