Berry Cheesecake Ice Cream

berry cheesecake ice cream with summer sun hat

Local strawberries and cream, homemade sourdough graham crackers and the tang of cream cheese make this berry cheesecake ice cream the perfect farm to table dessert. Earlier this week I decided to institute a “get it all done” day. It was Monday and the aftermath of the weekend were daunting at the house. The whole …

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From Scratch Chocolate Cake Recipe – The Best Nourishing Sourdough Cake

This simple but delicious from scratch chocolate cake recipe is the perfect for a birthday or celebration. Make a nourishing take on a traditional chocolate cake by long fermenting for added benefits. Last week I shared a homemade beeswax birthday candle tutorial after our daughter had her first birthday. We paired those candles with this …

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Sourdough Cranberry Thumbprint Cookies Easy Recipe

Simple yet delicious, these sourdough thumbprint cookies are sure to be a hit. Use fresh or leftover cranberry sauce for a holiday twist. Join me to learn how to make these sourdough cranberry thumbprint cookies easy recipe! This last week we spent some time having a Christmas cookie baking day. It is one of my …

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How to Cook Pumpkin for a Pie (or anything else!)

How to cook a pumpkin for pie or anything else

Cooking a pumpkin from scratch is cost effective, wholesome and tastier than buying traditional canned pumpkin. Learn how to cook pumpkin for a pie or anything else you may want to add it to. If you looked around the blog, you may notice that I have talked about cooking from scratch and specifically stocking up …

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Cinnamon Sugar Einkorn Muffins

cinnamon sugar einkorn muffins

Simple with healthy ingredients but delicious no less, these Cinnamon Sugar Einkorn Muffins are perfect any time of day. Spicy, cinnamon flavor with a sweet touch of cinnamon sugar on top, these are sure to be a hit.  This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to …

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