Baby #2 Coming This September!

Little miss Ila Dawn wants to share a secret with y’all… baby #2 is coming this September. Gender? Names? I cannot wait to share it all! If you have seen me at all in the last thirteen weeks, you probably could have guessed this. I do not hide pregnancy well at all. With all three …

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The Tradition of Having an Old Fashioned Christmas

Christmas traditions add to the joy of December. Having an old fashioned Christmas has proven to be our one tradition year after year. I love Christmas. Actually, my favorite time of year is from October- December. Fall begins and it’s like a fresh start to me. Pumpkins and mums become abundant, fall food is so …

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Planting a tulip and daffodil field in the orchard

After a bit of inspiration from another farm on Instagram, we planted just the beginning of our tulip and daffodil field in the orchard. This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. See my full disclosure¬†here. …

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Saving Seeds From Zinnias

saving seeds from zinnias orange and pink zinnias

We ended summer on the farm by pulling the last of cut flowers and saving seeds. The last of this project was saving seeds from zinnias. This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. See my …

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Four O’Clocks

A country farm complete with a flower filled garden is what my dreams are made of. Then filling it to the brim with different flowers surrounding the barns and farmhouse just makes me plain giddy. This year one addition was our Four O’Clocks- they are just too good not to share! This post contains affiliate …

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Saving Seeds From Sunflowers

bee on yellow sunflower

Sunflowers have become my favorite flower after growing them this summer and in an attempt to hold onto them as long as possible, I want to share all about how I am saving seeds from our sunflowers and a few simple things you can do with them. I am going to be completely honest with …

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Finding Farm Inspiration and Farmhouse Dreaming in Ireland

Just a few weeks ago our little family took a trip to Ireland. This was our first time (except Keith, he is a travel bug) out of the country and while I am not a big traveler, Ireland did have quite the sites to see. Today I wanted to share about our trip and specifically …

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Starting Seeds For Spring Gardening

starting-seeds-for-spring- pouring seeds into hands

Spring gardening season has begun and while many are still a few weeks or months from planting in soil, it is time (or past time) to get those seeds started! There is something so rewarding as a new gardener about starting seeds for spring gardening and eventually getting to plant those in your garden. Starting …

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How to Care for Baby Chicks

We have recently added baby chicks to our farm and we are learning along the way. Learn how to care for your baby chicks so that they are healthy and safe. I plan to talk about this more when I share the full details of our chicken tractor but we have added to our farm! …

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Fall Winter Capsule Wardrobe-How to Simplify Your Wardrobe

fall winter capsule wardrobe sweaters

My Fall Winter capsule wardrobe is making its debut as the seasons are changing and the cooler weather is here more often. Sweaters, denim and boots make up the majority of my cold weather staples with a few extras in between. In my Family Activities for the Fall Season post, I talked about pulling out …

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5 Natural Baby Essentials to Simplify your Life

5 natural baby essentials

Babies honestly do not need much; diapers, clothes and somewhere to sleep. Read on for 5 natural baby essentials to simplify your life. Baby Essentials I was in for a surprise when I had our first baby. I was told that our house would be taken over by baby gear and that babies are so …

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Florals and a DIY Summer Planter

Florals and a cut garden have so many purposes around the farm. Besides adding curb appeal and landscaping, they can be cut to use in the home for natural decor. Today I am sharing floral tips as well as a fun, DIY summer planter! We have just recently moved to a new property and we …

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