DIY Natural Fall Wreath | Dried Apple and Greenery


Fall is on its way and it is time to cozy up this farm for the season. Join me in making this DIY Natural Fall Wreath with Dried Apples and Greenery.

DIY Natural Fall Wreath

I am getting so excited for fall. We really love fall around here. Since the temperatures reach over 100 during the summer, I am not as big of a fan. I do love the gardening season and having fresh food and flowers. But by 10 AM we generally have to be inside for a while to stay cool. Work is done in the early mornings or late evenings. But during fall, we can be outside all day if we want. We are a lot. The lower temperatures, cozy food, fun decorating… This is what I dream of.

One of my favorite parts of fall is the farmhouse decorating (and the food but that’s for another day). I just love the cozy look of the falling leaves paired with pumpkins, warm blankets, and candles everywhere. In our last house, I would go all out. We had renovated a lot of it and it was so fun to dress the house up for the season.

Now that we are working on building and not in our own house, I am more limited in fall decorating. But that won’t stop me. My first fall project is this DIY Natural Fall Wreath with Dried Apples and Greenery.

This wreath is one of my favorite types of decor to make. It adds a handmade touch. I usually use things I find around the property and do not get fancy. I use foliage I find on the property, fabric I have at home to hang the wreath and usually incorporate a seasonal item like pinecones, bells, dried fruit and florals, etc. It keeps a simple wreath that fits with my style and is not too overdone.

Natural Farmhouse Style

My go to’s for farmhouse style is anything natural and/or functional. I like to stick with flowers and plants, wicker, wood, food and simple fabric and linens when styling or decorating my home. I also like to leave things out that I use everyday. Aprons, wooden cooking utensils, cutting boards, soaps in pretty bottles and antiques-I find this gives a farmhouse look naturally without being overdone and cheesy. It also makes for cheaper and easier to style decor.

I do sometimes branch out to add in other little things like bells or books occasionally but I keep it very simple. Farmhouse style can go from authentic looking to cheesy quickly.

With this wreath, I kept it pretty simple. I did not want a giant wreath or anything that made a big statement. Just some subtle fall hints. And this wreath is just that.

DIY Natural Fall Wreath


Let your apples sit on the counter for a few hours after drying before using. They tend to dry out a little more.

Add cinnamon to the apples for a dried cinnamon apple wreath with a yummy scent.

Get more greenery than you think you need. I found the more I added to the wreath, the better it looked.

How long will this DIY Natural Fall Wreath last?

This should last you at least all season, possibly in to the next season if you use faux greenery! I enjoy making new decor each season though, so I have not kept one that long. I also use real greenery from our property which usually only lasts about a season. If you want to use this for multiple years, I would suggest faux greenery!


DIY Natural Fall Wreath


Baking sheet

Parchment Paper

Cinnamon and spices

Apples- I used Red Delicious for the deep red color

Natural Fall Wreath

Grapevine wreath

Ribbon or fabric- used for hanger

Faux or real greenery

Fall decorations such as pinecones or pampus grass

Dried Apples

How to Dry Apples

Slice your apples horizontally, parallel to the top and bottom. I did mine thinner so they would dry faster.

Dip in lemon juice and lay out on a baking sheet.

Add cinnamon or other spices if desired.

Preheat your oven to the lowest temperature setting (mine was 170 degrees) and bake apples for 6-8 hours, until dry, flipping every hour and a half.

When done, leave out to rest and finish drying for an hour or two.

How to Make a DIY Natural Fall Wreath

Lay out all of your materials in an open space. I made mine outside because it can get a little messy.

Begin by layering your greenery pieces on the wreath, poking each piece into the wreath. To get them to stay, I poked the end under a part of the grapevine and then wrapped greenery pieces around each other. This way I did not have to glue anything to my wreath base so I can remove it after the season is over and reuse it.

Continue adding greenery until you reach the desired look. I liked a fuller, messier look so I left some pieces loose off the edge.

Add any fall foliage. I used Pampus grass I found around the property and it gave a really nice fall look.

Last, hot glue dried apples. I did a few grouped together, then a few scattered by themselves to give a more natural look. Hot glue the apples to the greenery, not the wreath, if you plan to remove them and use the base for a new wreath.

Attach your ribbon or fabric by wrapping it around the top and tying. I love how simple this is for a hanger and the handmade touch it gives.

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DIY Natural Fall Wreath