Meet Elizabeth

From Scratch Food, Country Home and a Simple Lifestyle.

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Hello, I’m Elizabeth!

I am so glad you are here! I am a wife and mother who loves to share what is going on at the farmhouse. DIY’s, From Scratch Food, Home Decor, building our farmhouse, and our simple, country lifestyle.

After renovating our first farmhouse in town, we sold it and have moved out to the country to grow our farm dreams. We are working towards building our dream farmhouse.

Follow along as my husband and I build our dream farmhouse, raise our family and share our simple life in the country.

Our Family

My husband and I began dating in 2014 and were married in 2017. Fun fact, we got married one month after our engagement! We were both full time students and part time employees but somehow made it work.

We began our debt free journey almost immediately and worked on paying off student loans. We have paid off over $75,000 in student loans and car debt. We are not done yet but are working diligently on consumer debt. 

In 2018 my husband Keith and I purchased a starter home in town. We spent three years in town learning the basics of cooking, DIY, and renovating. 

In 2020 we had our first baby, a baby girl named Ila Dawn. You will see her from time to time on the blog because she is mama’s girl and with me always!

While it is not much a farm yet, we have 15 acres with our family. On the property we have two ponds, a smaller barn and a larger barn. Read about building our farmhouse here and creating our farmfoodfamily and this simple life of ours. 

Our Farm

After moving from our farmhouse in the city to the country, we are working to build our farm from the ground up. This includes building a historically inspired farmhouse by ourselves and growing our homestead. We have added dairy goats, laying hens, ducks, rabbits, and a few small gardens as well as started to fix up the barns on the property. We dream of adding a more permanent garden once our farmhouse is complete and growing the farm to include dairy cows, a larger flock, a flower field and possibly meat chickens and beef cattle. Of course, we will see where this little farm takes us.

Read about our farm progress here!