Farm & Farmhouse Update (3)- Laying Hens, Bunny, Breaking Ground


We have been in a (what feels like) very long period of waiting but I finally have an update on our farmhouse build and farm projects! After changing our plans from something that would take a matter of a few months to a full on home build, things are moving slowly and I am having to practice patience. Not my strongest quality. But here we are, with slow and steady movement to share in a farm and farmhouse update.

We have so many projects going at once. We have finally acted on our dreams of being out in the country on a larger property and it is so hard not to just dive head first into every homestead project I have dreamt up. But those take time and money which means nothing around here is happening quickly.

I have been learning patience and I have learned that I am not patient. At all. The internet certainly does not help this quality of mine. Beautiful farms, homes and renovations/builds are shared constantly making it seem that we are just not working hard enough or moving fast enough because everybody else is making it happen faster. But that is just not life, my friends. Life is waiting 3 months on a contractor to come and finish a job just to end up hiring a neighbor to do it and get it done faster. And that’s after hours spent at a burn pile to not get anywhere and a popped trailer tire.

Maybe that is all gibberish to you. But in our world, we have been spending hours on one project, failing, contacting the original contractor to fix it and then waiting months before hiring someone else to come out and have it done in a week. Find good contractors. It’s hard, but worth it. Onto the update.

Farmhouse Update

The first major update is on the farmhouse build. Which at this point is pretty much what I have talked about.

I find it funny to read through previous updates (read the first post here and the second here). I’m going to continue to share them because I want to have all of this written down for memory sake as well as to show how the process actually went building a house ourselves, but its laughable. Every time I make an update, the plans change a thousand times again.

Breaking Ground

Last update I shared that we are still working on our burn pile from clearing the land and were considering having the guy come back out to separate the pile so we could actually burn it. We attempted to burn the pile several times but after burning it enough to see inside it, we realized the majority of it was just dirt that had gotten shoved under giant trees. Hours of burning and a popped tractor tire later, we decided a dozer would need to come fix this by separating it and spreading the dirt back out. But we continually were put off by the original guy who cleared the land and after waiting a few months, we “hired” a neighbor to take care of it. He was able to burn it down and spread the dirt back out as well as take out a dead tree that needed to come down. We now are working on chopping the tree for firewood and clearing it from the property. Hallelujah!

cleared land for farmhouse

This is where our house will sit, view from the front yard.

And this is the view from where our house will sit looking out at our future front yard. Look at that huge tree! I picture a sweet swing for Ila and lots of picnics happening underneath it!

Keith and I have spent a few days out digging holes for our footers. We are 2/3 of the way done and plan to finish this week. Then comes concrete, blocks and framing. While I would like to get this done quickly, we have been told to “enjoy the memories made while you do this” so I am trying to slow down and enjoy this time of building a home with my husband, with our own hands that we will raise our family in. It is a hard time, but a good and special time.

Farmhouse Plans

I also shared a very rough plan for our farmhouse last update. Ha! They have changed again.

As I have shared before, we are trying to build with cash only and the current price of lumber and other building materials is all over the place. Because of this and the instability, we have decided to simplify the plan and go a little smaller as well.

This was actually decided after finding plans from Have you seen Jay’s plans? Holy moly. Plans for historic homes are hard to find as is but open source plans are just not common. His are open source, totally free and inspired by historic farmhouses.

We have decided to use modified versions of his plans. What I love about this is that we still get the design style I love but it is smaller while still being functional. We can easily add onto the house as necessary for our growing family. They are also professional drawings that I can show to my husband and dad so they have a better idea of what I am thinking rather than a hand drawing that is in no way technical.

Now, we have modified these plans to accommodate a bigger kitchen. I cook a lot and a bigger kitchen is a must since it will not be changed later. We are adding 8 feet to the kitchen to make it wider and changing the layout a bit. As for the upstairs, we will add an 8 foot room off of the master to be used as a closet or storage.

Farm Update


I am not sure if I actually ever shared that we did get chickens other than posting about how to care for baby chicks, but we did! We built a chicken tractor which I plan to share about at some point. We have gotten our first few eggs from our hens which is so fun and exciting! Of course this sparked the desire for more so….we got baby chicks this spring.

laying hens


The other animal that we got is a bunny! This bunny needed a new home and my mom wanted to get one for Ila so a pet bunny has joined our bunch. She has been renamed Lola and she is Ila’s favorite. They are two peas in a pod and it is fun to have her around.

Garden Prep and Seed Starting

Lastly, we are starting seeds and planning a few new garden spaces. Now these spaces are not permanent for me and they are in my moms yard. We plan to have a cut flower garden, pumpkins, some herbs and a few veggies. Nothing major due to our temporary living situation and lack of space but nonetheless, we are still excited. Garden season just gets me so excited and feels so magical!

seedling in tray

I have cleaned up the beds but I am rethinking where they will go so they may end up getting moved after all. All of this garden talk has me dreaming of our future garden at our farmhouse. Something I have learned though is to practice with what you have and so I am working on my garden skills before we have our perfect garden space to use.

All of these updates are really so exciting. It feels like I have been waiting months (because I have) for any movement on our dream farm and farmhouse. I am excited to keep the momentum going and make some progress. This just goes to show that things take time but the time spent waiting and working is well worth it friends Thanks for stopping by the blog and this farm and farmhouse update!