Thrift/Antique Shopping Haul #2- For The New Farmhouse


I have been saving up from my recent antique shopping trips to do this farmhouse antique haul. I love to antique and have been finding a lot of things for our new house. Join me today and see what I have collected recently!

farmhouse antique haul

Antique shopping is hit or miss for me right now. I cannot stop my love for antiques or shopping for the perfect farmhouse antique, especially with our new farmhouse on my mind. But it is really hard to justify certain purchases for a house that does not even exist yet. Does that make sense? Like sure, we will eventually need (ehh, want?) antique ironstone pitchers to display my cooking utensils and cut flowers from my garden but thinking that far in advance right now is silly. My new treasures will just sit in storage for who knows how long until our house is a reality.

But, things we will need fairly soon- and I am hesitant to use the word “soon” because we are still in the prepping and framing stage of this build- are appliances, lighting, cabinetry, etc. And as it goes with antiques, you could be looking for a day for a particular item or for a year. It really just depends on the item, what you are willing to pay, and where you look.

So I have been collecting away at things that will be structures within the house rather than bowls and little décor pieces, unless I find that I could use the items now. Slowly but surely I am gathering a few pieces at a time but it has taken months just to find the few pieces that I have found. And it is honestly not that much.

Tips on Thrifting and Antiquing

I shared my tips for thrifting and antiquing in this post:

Tips on Thrifting and Antiquing- What I Look for at Thrift and Antique Shops

It is really easy to get sucked into purchases thinking just because it is at an antique shop it is actually antique. I find it is best to have items in your mind that you know you like and fit with your style when going in. Of course there is always things you see and like in a shop that maybe you do not have a plan for. I actually find this nice when I go to redecorate a space or need to pull from a collection. But avoid buying random junk by knowing your style and learning what you like.

Antique Shopping Trips

For my birthday, my mom and I always go shopping. Now, I am not much of a shopper like I used to be but this is such a fun tradition. This year we opted to antique shop. We actually only went to one shop because shopping for a house that is not built yet is a little difficult but I love this shop so much. It is actually a ton of different booths and there are so many antiques to look through, I love it!

We also traveled to Keith’s grandparents this past weekend and there are antique shops in their area that I have been wanting to visit. We stopped at one that was a flea market style and I found several items both for the house and everyday use.

Facebook Marketplace is also a source in this farmhouse antique haul and while it is not antique shopping necessarily, I have scored a few really good antiques this way. Hint: my favorite item so far was found on marketplace!

Antiques In The New Farmhouse

There are certain things I love to look for in antique and thrift shops but for now I am really focusing on elements of our house, not just décor.

My current plan for the house is to use as many antiques as I can, without looking like I live in a flea market. There is a fine line there but I really do love the collected look paired with everyday items being displayed. It has a country charm that I love.

This calls for antique light fixtures, appliances, hutches, sinks, tables, and anything of the sort. These items will be paired with collected linens, baskets, and natural elements to give that farmhouse feel. Rather than wait until the last minute and have to fill our house with cheap alternatives to these items until I find antique pieces, I am looking now and collecting as much as I can so it is all ready to go when the time comes.

Farmhouse Antique Haul

This is actually a collection of several antique shopping trips and Facebook marketplace adventures. It takes a bit to gather enough items to call for a farmhouse antique haul and I am pickier about what I buy right now. Now I know that I said I am sticking to larger items and specifically not things like dishes but these are items I am using now or have a very specific plan for.

1. Linen Pillowcase and Baby Doll Crib

I have slowly been collecting things for Ila’s room in the new house. Her previous nursery was similar to my vision for her new room, but I am hoping to make it a little more grown up and grander, with a little more color. I have collected a few antique hand mirrors and grooming sets to display.

My latest find is an antique wooden baby crib with light blue roses painted on the side. She already has some pink check canisters with the same blue roses and this just brings those out.

Later on in one store I also found a very small crochet edge pillowcase. Crochet edge linens are something I always love to pick up because they are pretty inexpensive and add a little charm to an average item. It was the perfect size for her new baby bed. Now to find this sweet girl a baby doll to love on!

2. Baskets

Ohh, baskets. I am always picking up baskets. Small, large, it does not matter. I can use them for so many things. Storage in any room, grocery runs instead of bags, picnics, laundry, you name it. Baskets and bowls are perfect as storage in cabinets and closets.

I grabbed just two very small baskets this trip for a specific purpose- bread making. I have regular banneton baskets that I use but I am really not a fan of them. They are kind of ugly so I put them away instead of displayed how I like. I also only have two and there are time when I just need more. But they are more expensive than a basket at the antique store. So when I saw these, I knew that I would soon be replacing my bannetons with them. I also love to use mixing bowls for bread proofing so now I can proof 4-5 loaves at a time for less than $5.00 versus the $15.00 of just my two bannetons.

3. Corelle

Corelle dishes are not something that I have a lot of. We have a few pieces from different sets and I really do love them. I love antique dishes as well but the Corelle is really difficult to break so they are great for everyday use.

I have been working on my collection. None a complete set, and that is ok with me. I like to collect the coffee cups from one vintage set and the plates from another vintage set. Nothing is too matchy-matchy but I like that our practical and durable everyday dishes can still be pretty.

I picked up four coffee cups and 4 small saucers in this cute mustard yellow print and I really like them! I want to say that I paid $12.00 for all 8 pieces but I cannot remember exactly.

4. Chandelier

I cannot remember if I already have talked about this on here but I am so excited so if I have, oops. I am going to gush over this find again.

Lighting is a major thing I am shopping for at antique shops right now. Specifically chandeliers. In our area they are either hard to find, cheaply made or very expensive. But I found my first chandelier for the new house! It is just ornate to bring the historic charm but still will fit in with my country style.

I snagged this baby for $99.00. At first this seemed like a lot to me but to be honest, we replaced lights in our other house from Lowe’s, paid about the same for each of those and did not think twice. And they were not nearly as beautiful! Anything close to the same size at Lowe’s was $400.00+ and not as pretty (or an actual antique) as this beautiful thing!

5. Stove

vintage Detroit jewel stove

I know that I got really excited over the chandelier BUT THIS STOVE Y’ALL. This is probably my favorite find so far.

An antique/vintage stove was one of those things I really wanted but was skeptical on how we would be sure it was safe, worked and worth putting in the house if the oven was smaller than a modern stove. I kept my eye out on marketplace and in shops but was not super confident that I would find one I was comfortable with.

But I found this beauty for $250.00 on marketplace out of the blue. She has a story to tell too! This stove helped raise a large family right here in our area. Pulled out of an old farmhouse, listed online and will now serve our family. When we went to pick the stove up, the family shared the history of the stove. They were very excited to know that this stove will (hopefully) cook my little families meals in our new farmhouse.

The previous owners talked to a local appliance guy who said he could give it a look over and easily have it fixed up for less than$100.00. We plan to have it worked on and restored closer to when we will be installing.

The oven size is smaller than a modern oven but not by much. I could still fit two 9×13 pans, a dutch oven or two baking sheets based on measurements. It is missing a few things that I will be looking for online and once we get it installed, we will see if it is going to work for our family. I am really wanting to make it work to have the antique kitchen of my dreams but we will see!

I also found some items that are not vintage or antique that I bought strictly for a deal and practicality. A piece of stoneware worth at least $50.00 for $12.00 was one of these. Not antique but worth a mention I would say. I love that I can find both modern, practical pieces and beautiful antiques that fit in my home.

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