Thrift/Antique Shopping Haul #1- Farmhouse Antiques


There is no doubt I love antiques. Antique shopping makes me so happy but I have found that it can be easy to come home with junk if you do not know what you are looking for or know your style. I love a collected look and the charm that antiques can add to my home. See my latest finds in this farmhouse antique haul!

One thing about achieving this collected, farmhouse look is it takes time. You have to spend time searching for the perfect pieces and when gathering antiques, you cannot just purchase everything at once and design a space. But this is something I just love so much because it makes your space so unique!

When I am shopping, there are certain items I always grab if it is a good price. These include baskets, ironstone and vintage fabrics. But I also keep specific rooms in mind and what I think I need for those rooms. One example of this is furniture. A lot of times I have a vision of what I am needing whether that is a specific chair or hutch. I am always on the hunt for these items for that particular room because I usually find them at random times.

I picked up several items at my latest antique trip and I am so excited. This was mostly small items and not really furniture, as we are in a transition in houses. Before too long I will be on the search for a new dining table, a few hutches and a few other large items for a build! During this particular trip I mostly grabbed linens and dishes.

Farmhouse Antique Haul

Vintage Linens

I picked up a mix of table cloths, runners, doilies, and napkins. I love solid linens with small touches of floral or crochet. If I see them for a good price, I pick them up!

I also bought a few floral fabrics to make an outfit for Ila and possibly an apron.

Antique Baskets

I am always on the hunt for more baskets. They have so many uses! I can use them to organize the pantry or office, to sit on a shelf, to hold blankets, to carry things in and to gather from the garden. I just love how practical they are while being so pretty.

Farmhouse Wall Decor

This is actually a dresser mirror with feet, but I plan to hang it as a regular old mirror. It is so beautiful.

This is actually a hat Ila could wear but I just have it hanging in her room. It is so sweet in there and adds more texture! I am hoping to find a matching one for myself.

This is a perfect example of decorating with everyday items. It is Spring, soon to be Summer, and my fair skinned baby will need some sun protection. I can display this sweet little hat that she will wear often.

Dishes and Ironstone

Dishes are probably my favorite thing to decorate with. I love to display things that I use everyday whether that is rolling pins, wooden spoons, aprons and dishes. They are a beautiful way to organize small items and even hang on the wall. I display mine on open shelving, use them to organize my office supplies, arrange plates on a wall, etc. Large ironstone pitchers look beautiful filled with a flower arrangement. It just gives a very effortless, natural look to a space that no Hobby Lobby decor can compete with.

I picked up several small pitchers. My favorite way to display these is on open shelves.

These salt and pepper shakers are in great condition. I will clean them out really good and use them. They’re so pretty!

I was also given this beautiful set. It is a full set with pitchers, plates, teacups, a butter dish and several other pieces. I also picked up some ironstone plates and bowls to display on shelves and hang on the wall.

This was a pretty small farmhouse antique haul but I wanted to share these items. Any excuse to stop at an antique shop or two on a day out makes for a great time and I usually always find something!

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