Farmhouse Nursery Tour


Light, bright and collected. Come see Ila Dawn’s nursery in our farmhouse nursery tour!

Light, bright and collected. Come see Ila Dawn's nursery in our farmhouse nursery tour! Collected, full of hand-me-downs and handmade items- there is something so special about a room filled with story pieces.

I am so excited for this post because it is my favorite room in our farmhouse at the moment! This called for a celebratory farmhouse nursery tour! It is the most completed room and while not 100% done (is anything ever really “done”?), I think it turned out so sweet!

The farmhouse nursery is collected, full of hand-me-downs and handmade items. I love this look so much! The only brand new piece is the rug. Everything else was given to us, thrifted/antiqued or handmade. There is something so special about a room filled with story pieces.

This room has come a long way. This started out as our office/junk room that desperately needed paint and a purpose. When we found out about miss Ila Dawn, we began cleaning out this room. We moved our office to an awkward space in our living room (more about this project later!) and donated everything else. We added beadboard to one wall as a very subtle statement wall and I think it adds so much character.

I wanted a light and bright room that matched the rest of the farmhouse but wanted to incorporate a collected, layered look. Many of the pieces in the room were things I already had like hand-me-downs. Other items I found at various thrift shops, Facebook Marketplace or at my parents. My favorite thing about the nursery is that everything has a story. The furniture, decor and even curtains are so special.

Without further ado here is our farmhouse nursery for our sweet Ila Dawn!

Farmhouse Nursery Tour

Farmhouse Closet

One interesting thing about our house is that we have very large closets, and a lot of them. I have not seen this in many older houses but our house is like this with many things. Our house has only been owned by two families. A couple built this home and lived in it until they passed away. The house then was left to their kids and nephew who sold it to us.

We have found remnants that lead us to believe initially they owned more property and this was a farm/homestead for them. The house does not have the common style or characteristics of a house built in the same time period. The closets are just one example.

Anyway, Ila’s closet is quite large and very deep. We keep all of her clothes that are too big hung on a rod. Her books and toys are on a shelf in the closet and diapers/wipes are stacked along the top. I also keep extra blankets, a stroller and some larger outdoor toys in here. I’m telling you, this closet can hold a lot.

When we moved in, the closets had these awful sliding doors that were always in the way and did not give full access to the closet. We took them down immediately and planned to replace them with different doors but because of the location of the closet on the walls, we needed something that would not take up a lot of space. Curtains went up temporarily but I found that I loved the look and how they functioned. They really opened the rooms up and made them brighter. This is not traditional in any sense but I love how simple this was.

Farmhouse Storage- Dresser

Tucked between the closet and the window is the dresser. This was pulled from our room when we set our closet up. We do not keep a lot of clothes and our closet is large as well so we can fit our clothes in one dresser and our closet easily. I painted this dresser with chalk paint and spray painted the hardware. This is a very special dresser because this was my dad’s as a kid. I love how it looks as well as the age and story behind it. In here we keep all of Ila’s clothes and shoes that fit her currently. This makes it so easy to keep her clothes organized since we received so many as gifts. When she outgrows a size, it goes in bins at the top of her closet and everything that currently fits her stays in the dresser for quick access.

On top of the dresser are a few gifts we received. A friend bought the canisters and tray for her room because of how well it matched the design of her room and the box was a collected gift.

We recently added this little chair in her room. This was my great grandfathers chair that was found and given to us. I have a diaper cake that my mom made sitting in it as decor.


The curtains are another handmade item. My mom and I made these to match Ila’s bedskirt on her crib. We spent an afternoon making these. They are budget friendly and add another layer to the room. Nothing is sweeter than something handmade!

Nursing Chair

This jute rug is the Safeviah Natural purchased from Wal-Mart.

This is the COZIEST chair and so good for nursing. A lot of people recommended a rocker but we have not been in here to actually rock her to sleep. So maybe this chair will get switched out at some point but it really works for us right now. I added the slipcover to the ottoman and chair to make it match the rest of the room. This chair is another item pulled from the house. This used to be my reading chair and I occasionally still use it for this when reading to Ila.

Next to the chair is a table that was my grandpa’s. My mom painted it since it was a dark cherry color that was in rough shape. We do not have a ton of painted furniture in the rest of the house because I love the look of wood tones, but I think it is fun to add to this room. On the table we just keep a lamp, tray, and some dried baby’s breath from the baby shower. Underneath I have a basket that holds swaddles and blankets that we use regularly.

Crib & Bedding

I found this Jenny Lind style crib in very good shape on Facebook Marketplace and was so excited! It is very sturdy and while not vintage, it gives the look of a vintage crib with the safety of a modern crib which I think is very important. As much as I love vintage items, the crib is not the place for this to keep my baby safe.

I did decide to keep her bedding white to keep it all simple. I made the crib skirt out of an old sheet and use throw blankets to add color.

Farmhouse Wall Decor

The wall decor is really the most unfinished part of the nursery. It’s my favorite part to play with so I like to switch it up from time to time!

Right now there is a shelf above the chair. The shelf was thrifted. I have a handmade dress that my mom made for me when I was young. Also hanging are some ballet slippers my mom bought, a thrifted book, a handmade sign made by a friend and the sweet little jars that were another gift from our shower.

The decor above her crib is simple but I am hoping to add a few more things. Right now there is a chalkboard that I painted the same color has her dresser. I love how fun this will be when she’s older. Across the chalkboard is a lace bunting that I made. I hand embroidered her name onto it as well.

Inspiration, Ideas and New Projects- Oh My!

Boy oh boy, it is a never ending cycle with house projects. My poor husband. We have not even fully finished the kitchen but I have so many ideas for this room just to change it up from time to time and even as she gets older and the functionality needs to change. As for right now, I am hoping to find some vintage silver hand mirrors or picture frames to create a gallery wall with the chalkboard. I also would love to find a special chair once nursing is not as frequent.

Thank you so much for joining me on our farmhouse nursery tour! Check out more posts below.

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