How to Sew a DIY Kitchen Towel with Loop


Simple, beautiful and functional. This kitchen towel is perfect for your kitchen or for a gift. Check out this easy, beginner project.

DIY kitchen towel draped across table with farmhouse crock planter

This is a great project for a beginner but introduces more skill than just a straight hem. Double sided, a top stitch and added strap for a loop gives this DIY kitchen towel a step up.

I actually made this for our kitchen with fabric I found on clearance at my local store. Blue stripes are one of my favorites for that simple, country feel. The white loop gives further functionality giving this a better way to hang.

Today I wanted to show this tutorial because it truly is so simple. You could whip out a few of these in one day, during nap time, for gifts or to stock your kitchen with great kitchen towels.

DIY Kitchen Towel

I kept this simple by using the same fabric on both sides but you really could customize this and give it more. You could simply turn the stripes the opposite way on one side to add a little flair or do a different fabric on one side to really have fun with this.

What fabric is best for a kitchen towel?

Most fabrics would work fine as long as they are not thin. Linen or cotton is most common!

This DIY also calls for .5-1 yard. I used .5 yard and had just short of enough. If you want to make the loop match or have a little wiggle room, I would suggest purchasing a little more.

How to make kitchen towels more absorbent?

Linen fabric could help with this! This DIY dish towel is also double layered to help with absorption.

Kitchen Towel Tips:

Leave the loop on or off depending on what you want/need.

Fold fabric in half to cut so the pieces are the same size.

Choose a fabric that is lightweight but not too thin.

Material and Tool List:

.5-1 yard fabric

Matching thread

Sewing machine

Fabric Scissors



Cut List:

Two rectangles 19 inches wide by 29 inches long

One rectangle 7 inches long by 2 inches wide

How to Sew this DIY Kitchen Towel

Make the loop/hanger– fold your 2″x7″ fabric in half long ways. Sew a straight hem at a quarter inch down the long open side. Leave both ends open. Attach a safety pin through one end and use this to turn the loop right side out. Push the safety pin through the end it is attached to and pull the loop over itself. Sew a top stitch around all four sides. Iron if needed. This just adds a nice, finished look.

Piece everything together– Lay one layer of your towel out flat right side up. Place your loop across one corner. Lay your other layer of the towel right side down.

The right sides should be together on the inside of your towel. Pin the sides where your loop is together so that this stays in place. If you like, pin down all sides. Be sure and match up any stripes or patterns!

Sew together– Sew a quarter inch seam around all four sides and loop sides. Leave a 3-4 inch hole on one side to turn your towel right side out.

Remember to reverse stitch at both ends of the seam.

Turn right side out and finish– Using the hold that was left, turn your towel right side out and lay flat. Iron if needed. To finish, sew a top stitch around all four sides, the same way you did in step 1. This gives a nice finished look but also closes the hole that is left.

Enjoy this DIY kitchen towel and happy sewing!

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