Simple Farmhouse Fall Porch Tour


Nothing sets the fall mood like brewing up a cozy cup of coffee and decorating for fall. This weekend I wanted to have some fun decorating the porch for fall. Natural elements paired with handmade items and antique pieces create the classic farmhouse style that I love. Join me today on our simple farmhouse fall porch!

Home decor and decorating is one of my favorite hobbies but I can easily get overwhelmed. There are so many beautiful inspiration pictures and styles to decorate with but as a stay at home mom, I do not have the budget or the time to do a total overhaul for every season. Therefore, my style remains pretty simple (which is very clear in this simple farmhouse fall porch tour). But I also love old farmhouses. I can spend hours on real estate websites and Pinterest looking at old victorian farmhouses. The two things kind of collided in my adult years and I tend to lean toward a very simple and natural farmhouse style. It simplifies decorating but I can still have a home that I think is stunning for my family.

Elements of Simple Farmhouse Style

There are many different ways to accomplish a farmhouse style. Since it is more of a way of life in our household, I tend to lean toward a more natural style that is influenced or inspired by our everyday living. Antiques, handmade linens such as pillows, blankets and aprons and everyday items such as mixing bowls, cutting boards and baskets serve as decor. Mixed with natural elements, a simple farmhouse style comes about naturally. This is what I love. Even if you follow the same style, your home will look different simply because your life is different. The patterns of fabric you like will be different, what tools you use daily in your home may be different and what you like to eat is different.

Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

I carry this style over indoors and out. Natural and handmade elements are my main go to’s for decor over manufactured signs and fake plants.

For porch decor in the fall I love to use mums or other greenery in old crocks, galvanized buckets or window boxes. Pairing these natural items with in season pumpkins, squash, and gourds is a practical way to bring in touches of fall. I change out our linens and pillows for the fall by using fall colors mixed with my favorite farmhouse fabrics of ticking, grainsack and plaid. Lastly baskets add a cozy texture and color!

Our Simple Farmhouse Fall Porch

While we are very excited to be building our farmhouse (read about our farmhouse here), we are currently staying with family which means I did not have my porch to decorate. I went ahead and spruced up my parents porch with a few fall items for a little fun this weekend. I still incorporated my usual farmhouse style and this added some fun to the porch.

Truth be told, I had full intentions to sew up several new items and go all out for this simple farmhouse fall porch tour but time just got away from me and I did not get everything done. This is usually how it goes for me but I did not settle for no fall decorating. I love the season too much so I just pulled from what I had already.

Porch Furniture

Simple Farmhouse Fall Porch

My parents already had a metal swing on their porch that we like to sit on. I gave this a nice cleaning for the season before decorating.

Simple Farmhouse Fall Porch

Our church also just went through a remodel and we were able to have one of the old church pews. I have not decided what I will do with it just yet. So far I have removed the seat and cleaned it up. It may stay as is or get sanded down and stained again. The seat is removable so I may also reupholster it for future use. I love the look of this old pew on the porch for now with just a few farmhouse pillows draped.

Florals for the Porch

This is where I splurge sometimes. Florals, plants and greenery are the easiest way to change your decor for the seasons and they bring a pop that is natural. They can also add seasonal scents naturally depending on what you add.

Simple Farmhouse Fall Porch

I went simple for fall since I wanted to use mostly what I already had, but I did bring in some mums for added color and that classic fall look. I love how simple these look and the crocks that I planted them in add the farmhouse feeling I love so much. I love using things like galvanized buckets, old crocks or enamelware as planters instead of traditional planters and pots. I also love a good terra cotta pot but nothing beats the look that an antique crock or tub brings.

Simple Farmhouse Fall Porch

Other fun fall florals and greenery that I love to use is cattails, pampus grass, eucalyptus and even bring in some leaves from the property.

Natural Decor

Simple Farmhouse Fall Porch

Along with fall florals and greenery, I love to use other natural elements in my decor. Each season I like to go out and look around the property to see what I can find. Then I like to see what is in season around me.

This year that looked like pumpkins and squash mostly. This is so practical because I can peel, cut and roast these later for fall recipes and we will eat it. Nothing goes to waste! I also grabbed firewood from the back pile to prep for the cooler weather. It is almost wood stove season!

I also pulled out some beeswax candles that I had made from beeswax from a local beekeeper that I found at the farmers market. Candles always make the porch and home cozier for any season.

Farmhouse Linens

Simple Farmhouse Fall Porch

Lastly, my go to decor items are farmhouse linens. I usually use handmade items that I have made myself.

I had big plans to sew up a few new blankets and a large pillow for the porch pew. Unfortunately, time got away from me and I just did not get it done in time. To remedy, I just pulled from my pillows and blankets that I already had made from last year. Problem solved!

This is why I love a classic farmhouse style. It is beautiful but not trendy so I can reuse the same items from year to year without it going out of style. I love to shop our house for decor to keep clutter to a minimum.

My simple farmhouse fall porch was just that- simple! Every item is practical and budget friendly but lends nicely toward the style that I love.

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