The Tradition of Having an Old Fashioned Christmas


Christmas traditions add to the joy of December. Having an old fashioned Christmas has proven to be our one tradition year after year.

snow for an old fashioned christmas

I love Christmas. Actually, my favorite time of year is from October- December. Fall begins and it’s like a fresh start to me. Pumpkins and mums become abundant, fall food is so comforting and the holidays make me just giddy. Then it fades into winter and we dream of a white Christmas while decorating the house, baking Christmas treats and staying warm inside by the fire.

My family has many traditions for Christmas and while some may change with the seasons of life, one thing remains- we have a tradition of keeping Christmas homemade, simple and old fashioned.

This really is our main Christmas tradition and all other more physical traditions stem from it. Holding to our values that the birth of Jesus is the main celebration, simple is better, and focusing our time rather than money ultimately encompasses an old fashioned Christmas. And I find it so nostalgic.

No running around from event to event or store to store. No extravagant gift giving (but some because having a baby girl now makes it fun). No being more stressed than I am joyful.

So to us, I guess you could say our idea of an old fashioned Christmas is consistent with our values of our faith, home, and family.

Now don’t get me wrong- there are activities we do every year like decking out our home in Christmas decor. Decorating is one of my favorite things, especially at Christmas. I’ve mentioned that we are building a farmhouse (like a lot haha!) but while we are building we are living in another house on the same property. Life seasons have changed and I am working my way room by room painting, organizing and even doing a few diy projects in this house as well. But for Christmas, I love to keep the decor natural or functional with dried oranges and apples, greenery, seasonal linens like table cloths, aprons and bedding, and even adding dinnerware or other dishes to our decor. The tree is pretty much filled to the brim with our lifetimes worth of ornaments, lights and whatever else we want to throw on. The rest of the house is still decked out, just in more natural items.

We also spend a lot of time in the kitchen (my favorite place to be) baking and cooking from scratch special Christmas food and treats. We usually have a similar menu from year to year for Christmas that is all from scratch. We also love to bake Christmas cookies and candies to hand out to our loved ones. This year I am hoping to add a new Christmas butter into the box with a loaf of bread to add to this tradition. And of course I love to make a gingerbread house or train. I would love to do this completely from scratch this year!

from scratch pies, bread, and treats for an old fashioned christmas

Other things we do include watching our favorite Christmas movies, playing games and doing puzzles, sending out Christmas cards, and going to look at lights in our community and in neighboring communities. And sometimes that is different from year to year and throughout different seasons of our lives. But regardless of the season of life we are in, an old fashioned Christmas it always is.

I have teamed up with a few blogger friends to share our love of Christmas by writing about our favorite Christmas tradition. I got really excited about this and said I’d join in then struggled with narrowing down my tradition. My family has a ton of traditions so how was I to pick just one? We have so many recipes thanks to being a generational farm family, and of course I love DIY’s and home decor so there’s mutliple blog posts right there. Then I was thinking about this topic and what reigns true every single Christmas while watching a Christmas movie with my family. There was a running joke in the movie (which was already about Santa, something we don’t really participate in with Ila) about what all of these kids wanted for Christmas. Do you know what all of these kids wanted? An IPad. An IPad! I came to realize that yes, I too wanted things like that as a child but my fondest Christmas memories didn’t revolve around what technology I got, or even what presents I got for that matter. My favorite memories of Christmas growing up are the simple things like time spent with family and making our house feel special with seasonal touches and homemade food. This is when it came to me that no matter what we are doing, we keep an old fashioned Christmas. That is our tradition. Keeping the true reason for the season in the forefront while we go through our fun Christmas of baking, crafting and shopping. When Ila is my age with her own children, I want her fondest memories of Christmas to be around the simple times we had just enjoying each other’s company, celebrating the birth of Jesus, and creating a love filled home.

I encourage you to spend time doing the important things this Christmas season rather than focusing on a never ending to do list. Family is so precious and this season is for memory making. As you celebrate this Christmas season, my family wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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