Thrift/Antique Shopping Haul #4- Vintage Frames, Linens and Books


Hey y’all! Time for another haul of my latest thrift/antique finds and what I have been collecting. This weeks thrift shopping haul is all about vintage frames, linens and books.

thrifted armoire, dress and frames

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I have shared before how my mom and I love to thrift and antique. That is our kind of shopping- we don’t do a ton of sale shopping or major shopping (we do a little but not much)- but thrift and antique shopping is where we can get a little carried away. I mean, when I’m not thrifting or antiquing myself, I’m watching other people do it on YouTube. Have you seen the plethora of thrift with me, antique hauls and the like on there? It seems to be a big thing right now and I can say I get it. My antique/thrift videos always seem to do better. And I know I love to watch others! Probably a little too much… oomph.

Back to the actual thrift shopping and thrift shopping haul my friends!

This past weekend we had a few errands to run. We needed to take some things to Savers which means we would end up with 20% off coupons and seeing how Savers is 30-45 minutes away, we had to just stop in and see what they had for our coupons. Savers is not our favorite thrift store but it is one we go into the most often probably simply because they are large and have a lot of stuff that is changed out often, and we drop things off and stop in when we do so. Mainly we go more often for convenience as opposed to going to another shop.

Now, not everything I am sharing today is from Savers or this trip specifically. Some is a few odds and ends that I have randomly picked up or was acquired before I had enough to share in a haul.

You will see price tags in the photos (and video) because I left them on so I could remember prices. I also have a lot of groups of items in this haul which I tend to do. I don’t do this on purpose, it just kind of naturally happens based on what inspiration I have been looking at, what projects we are working on and if a shop has a lot of one thing. Today is no exception to that. Now let’s get into the thrift shopping haul!

Thrift/Antique Shopping Haul Video

I have been making more videos on YouTube and usually have a little assistant. Some may find her distracting from the topic of the video but I love having her involved in these. She just wants to do what mama does!

Thrift/Antique Shopping Haul


This was our biggest score on our thrifting trip. We found a ton of frames and we are working on a gallery wall so we grabbed up as many as we could find. I actually have a hilarious video of Ila in the cart with all of these frames piled around her and you can barely see her red pigtails peeping up. I shared that in my thrift haul video this week.

I love when this happens though because sometimes, you go in and all they have is weird wall décor or knick knacks as far as décor goes. It works the same way with kitchen things- it’s either a shelf of ironstone or a shelf of faded plastic mixing bowls. You just never know.

We ended up with 7 frames which may not seem like a lot but all in one trip, that is a lot for us. We just grabbed every single one we liked. Some did get put back but we still came out with a lot!

Pair of wooden frames- $4.99 each

two wood frames with country art of flowers in a field with a wagon and a brick barn

These were one of the first things I saw and I grabbed them up immediately. It is RARE that I find a frame with art in it that I even remotely like but I loved this. I’m not sure if it is actual paintings or if they are prints (they look like prints) but either way I love them. The frames are the same solid wood with a pretty engraving and the art is similar in style.

close up of thrifted wood frame

One has an old wagon with a fence and bucket of flowers and the other has a red building or barn with a basket of flowers. Uhhh I cannot stop looking at them. They just have that country style that makes my heart sing.

I know I mentioned a gallery wall but…. these will not be joining the others. These are going in our room since we have two of the same style.

Usually what happens to me when I find something like this that I love and think is so special, is I end up seeing it at every thrift and antique shop I go to after. It’s fine, I still love them even if this does happen.

White Metal Frame- $3.99

cream and gold metal thrift shopping frame
close up of cream and gold metal frame found while thrifting

This is another that I grabbed but not for the gallery wall. I just thought this was pretty and would be perfect sitting on a side table or shelf. It is a creamy white color with distressing that lets the metal peep through. There are pretty engravings and the shape is frilly rather than straight like the wooden pair I talked about before this. It did not come with art. Honestly this one probably is not vintage but I still love it.

Gold and Silver Frame- $5.99

gold and silver frame
close up of gold and silver frame

This did have art in it that we are not fond of so it will come out but I love that it has both a gold and silver metal together. This will help tie all of our frames on our gallery wall together in the event that we do not want to paint or use Rub N’ Buff on them.

This frame is also a square versus a rectangle, which will help add interest so that every frame is not the same size shape.

Large Gold Frame- $6.99

large gold frame found thrifting

Another frame for the gallery wall and another frame with art we do not like. But for these prices, how can you pass these up? You can’t.

This one was solid gold and it had some interesting different textures on it with a few different patterns.

Small Gold Frame- $4.99

small gold frame

Needs new art but one of my favorite metal frames we got. Something about the color is just right. Some of the others are so bright they don’t have that antique look but this one does and it will help bring it all together.

Large Wooden Frame-$7.99

large thrifted wooden frame

This was (probably) my mom’s favorite find of the day. It is very large, solid wood and beautiful. It has a few scuffs but I am fine with that. We aren’t so sure about the art.


Linens are some of my favorite things to find when thrift shopping. You can find dresses, sheets, pillow cases of all different styles and they can be used as is or repurposed into something else.

Green Floral Dress- not entirely sure on price but I think around $10.00

thrifted green floral dress on an antique armoire

This is probably hilarious to some people because it is far from the trendy dresses most like today. But I am a homemaker with no patience for short dresses made out of cheap material that cannot hold up. I cook, clean, care for a baby and have farm chores to do.

This dress is perfect for all of those things and would work in any season with sandals or boots. It is modest but still stylish and flattering.

A lot of times when I buy dresses or skirts like this I’m not actually sure they will stay dresses or skirts. This dress is the perfect example because had it not fit or been flattering as a dress, it could have been cut off and made into a skirt. If this still did not work, there is enough material for a dress for Ila, pillows or even table linens of some kind. Knowing how to sew (and loving to sew) really pays off here.

I ended up loving how this fit and loved the buttons down the front so I am keeping it as is for now but I always have options. (;

Green Apron- $1.99

green floral handmade apron hanging on hook by antique armoire I found while thrifting

This is another funny item because of how many I have. I love aprons. Love love love. I wear them every day. I make most of my aprons- they are one of my favorite things to make. I have shared here on the blog a half apron and a full apron. I even have a half apron tutorial on YouTube. They get dirty and torn pretty quick so I am just always making them. And nothing brings in a new season like pulling out a seasonal drink and making a new apron to match the new décor.

I am always on the lookout for aprons and when I saw this one, I had to have it. And for less than $2.00?! It is handmade, I can tell by the stitching and pockets.


Books of course are another favorite. You can get them cheap and a lot of times you can find old books and new books that people just decluttered. I have found several new cookbooks and design books at thrift stores for much less than buying new!

American Country Living- $3.99

Find on amazon here.

thrifted copy of american country living book

This is all about cooking, gardening and design- which I am all about. I loved the photos and topics. I love books like this.

Antiques At Home- $8.55

Find on amazon here.

thrifted copy of antiques at home book

I actually got this from a Books-A-Million which was new to me. I had no idea they mix in used books for cheaper prices. They were still more than I usually pay but I still grabbed them. I would love to have some of the newer design books (I’m lookin’ at you Nora Murphy and your beautiful country design) but they are pricey! So I justified these prices.

This book is all about the history of specific antiques and how to style them.

Creating Country Style- $8.99

Find on amazon here.

thrifted copy of creating country style book

This is more of a DIY book for the country style. Painting, cross stitch, etc. Everything I love!

The Country Home- $2.99

thrifted copy of the country home book

This is my favorite I have gotten recently but I do not remember where I got it. It is purely design and it goes through different country styles- country Victorian, rustic, modern, etc. It also shows the color schemes for each style. I love the photos and I love getting inspiration for our farmhouse we are building from this one.

Odds And Ends

Stainless Steel Pan- $2.99 for lid and $6.99 for pan

I almost did not even share this but it was part of what I grabbed on our thrift trip and honestly this is a great way to build your from scratch kitchen tools. I have many items that were passed down to me or I found at thrift shops.

This pan is a 10 inch skillet with sides about 3-4 inches deep. And I found a lid that fit separately. I just bought another stainless steel pan on Amazon (find it here) that is a little bit bigger and paid $50.00! Be sure to keep your eyes out at thrift shops, garage sells, etc. Most things can be cleaned up easily.

Cast iron is my favorite thing to cook in but I cannot use it on our main stove right now so I needed another natural and nontoxic option. We had a ton of stainless steel pots but no pans so I grabbed this one when I saw it and it has cooked like a dream! We just used it tonight to make steak and fried cabbage… yum.

Read all about how to strip and reseason cast iron, how to cook in cast iron and how to clean cast iron.

Watch all about how to strip and reseason cast iron, how to cook in cast iron and how to clean cast iron.

Wood Armoire- Free

Now I would not say I collected this recently but I have not shared it because it has been in storage. I just pulled it out and I am so glad I did. We recently did some major decluttering and reorganizing (it is still ongoing and the motivation is low to finish) in our house and I needed a space to keep my clothes. Now I have shared about my capsule wardrobes before and how I do not like to keep a lot of clothes, so I really do not need that much space. This armoire was perfect! I have all of my in season clothes in here. It has beautiful carving, is the perfect color and finish and even has a mirror on the front.

It was my grandfather’s and it is so special to me!

Antique Sofa- Free

antique sofa

This is another family piece that was given to me. I cannot remember if I have shared this yet (please forgive me if I have) but we just picked it up. I actually have two, but one is still in storage at my in laws property but I wanted to get this one reupholstered for a few upcoming things.

It is beautiful with the wood finish I love and I plan to reupholster it which I will hopefully share soon. It was my husband’s grandmas and it was left to his dad who has now given it to me to love. And boy do I love it! I’m hoping to use fabric and everything that I already have on hand to get this makeover done on it until we are in our house and have more vision on it’s permanent home.

These are all of the items that I collected on this trip plus a few scattered in that I have randomly collected. I love to share these hauls- they are one of my favorite things to write about, talk about, read about.. the list goes on. I love this kind of stuff. Right now I share them pretty regularly because we are doing a lot of thrift and antique shopping. Maybe I need an antique shop hehe.

If you love this type of stuff like I do, please be sure to check out all of my antique hauls and subscribe to my email list to get first notification of any new posts, videos or news. Thanks for stoppin’ by!

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