Waist Apron With Pocket – Easy Sewing Tutorial For Beginners


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Join me at the sewing machine today while I show you how to make a simple waist apron with pocket. Perfect for the everyday homemaker spending her days cooking, cleaning, homesteading, or any other creative endeavor that takes up her days. 

I love a good apron and no matter how many I have, I cannot seem to stop making more! Full aprons, half/waist aprons, crossback aprons- I just love having them. This waist apron with pocket is my very favorite.

I love the practicality and functionality of having an apron on during the day. I no longer feel guilty about wearing pretty dresses to just spend the day at home cooking, cleaning and gardening because that pretty apron can take all of the mess and wash up beautifully, saving my beloved spring dresses. 

Aprons also serve as home decor in my house. Made out of linen, vintage florals or just a simple blue and white stripe like I am making today, I can change them out for the season. I leave them hanging on a hook so they are easily grabbed each day but beautifully displayed when not in use. 

Used as a place to wipe my hands as I work with a large pocket perfect for stashing trash, toys or anything else I find while doing a quick pick up in the afternoon, they serve as the perfect accessory for a homemaker. 

Today I wanted to share how I make my aprons by starting with my favorite which is a simple waist apron with pocket. I love only having the half apron. I find it is flattering and less hot during the summer months. They are also very simple and quick to make. Just 3 cuts (4 pieces) and you can whip one up for a gift or yourself in about 30 minutes. You could personalize with embroidery or an extra ruffle or some lace. 

I am hoping to have a few up in The Farmhouse Shop fairly soon because I use them so often. 

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    How Much Fabric Do I Need To Make A Waist Apron?

    I have a bad habit of buying fabric and sitting on it. It is great for when I am in a sewing mood and just want to get going on a project but this means I do not always have the right amount of fabric on hand. 

    I made this apron with the bare minimum strap length with just ½ yard of fabric. However, if you want straps any longer than this, I would recommend at least 1 yard-1 ½ yards! I used up some fabric I have been sitting on so I opted for the smaller straps but I prefer to make my straps closer to 45 inches in length which requires more fabric. 

    What Material Should I Use To Make An Apron?

    I prefer to use canvas, linen or cotton but you could use any fabric! Some of my favorite ways to find cheap fabric for aprons is at antique shops or thrift stores. I will buy it up when I see a pretty pattern and find a project to do later. Check the linens for sheets, shower curtains, and table cloths. You can also find vintage aprons already made or bolts of fabric at antique shops. I also buy fabric at wholesale shops, craft stores and Wal-Mart but you will likely pay more than finding something at the thrift shop.

    I find that linen works really well for a kitchen apron but cotton does well too and is what most of my aprons are made form. Canvas (like my well loved drop cloth) does great for an outdoor or gardening apron if you have a separate apron for that. 

    Tools and Materials

    • ½-1 ½ yards of fabric (1 ½ is better for longer straps but it can be done with just ½ yard!
    • Thread
    • Iron
    • Pins
    • Measuring Tape
    • Scissors
    • Sewing Machine (I have this one)
    • Lace or extra fabric for ruffles if you choose

    Waist Apron With Pocket Cut List

    Main Piece- 1 27” x 20”

    Pocket- 1 10” x 20”

    Straps- 2 4” x 31-45” (I prefer 45” or longer but 31” is minimum)

    How To Make- Waist Apron With Pocket

    First you will want to wash and dry your fabric, then trim the fraying edges. You can iron if needed but I usually do minimal prep. 

    Next, cut your pieces. You will need 4 pieces total:

    Main Piece- 1 27” x 20”

    Pocket- 1 10” x 20”

    Straps- 2 4” x 31-45” (I prefer 45” or longer but 31” is minimum)

    Start by ironing and sewing your straps. To create the straps, you will fold each edge ¼” in to create a hemmed edge. Iron this in place. Then fold the strap lengthwise in half and iron. This creates a nice hemmed edge without having to turn the strap right side out and I find it just looks nicer. 

    You will then need to top stitch around all 4 edges of the strap as close to the edge as possible. 

    Once you have your straps, we will start on the main piece. Create a hem around all four sides by folding the edge ¼”, ironing and then folding another ¼”. Before sewing in place, pin your straps. Do this by laying the straps on the inside of the apron towards the center (and eachother. Place one edge under the side hem, lining the top of the strap up with the top of the main apron piece. Then fold the strap back over the hem so that it falls away from the apron how a strap should lay permanently and place a pin to hold it in place. 

    Hem all four sides catching the straps as you go around. 

    Last, we will add the pocket. Lay out your pocket piece and on the two short sides and only of the long sides, fold the edge in ¼”. Iron in place. This will create a pretty edge once it is topstitched to the apron. 

    Take the remaining edge (long side) and fold it ¼”, iron in place and fold another ¼” to create a hem. This is the top of your pocket. Sew the hem on that side only.

    Lay your pocket in the center of your apron with the hemmed edge at the top. Be sure that the remaining three sides are folded under and pin in place. Sew a topstich around the remaining three edges. Do not sew the top where the hem is. 

    If you would like, you can sew 1 or 2 stitches day the pocket to create multiple pockets. I prefer one large. 

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